Credit Estimates

Empowering Informed Decisions with Credit Estimates

In the pursuit of financial clarity, CSPI Ratings introduces Credit Estimates—a dynamic credit opinion tailored
for internal purposes or external stakeholders regarding the potential credit rating assignment to an unrated obligor or obligation.
Rooted in a comprehensive analysis, our credit estimates serve as a valuable tool for decision-makers, blending analytical expertise, public disclosures, and third-party information.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Credit Assessment

CSPI Ratings leverages a myriad of information sources, including public disclosures, third-party data, and in-house analytical experience, to provide a robust credit estimate.
This holistic approach ensures a well-rounded evaluation of an unrated obligor or obligation.

Transparent Methodology

Our credit estimates are conducted in alignment with CSPI Ratings' published rating criteria and models.
This transparent methodology forms the foundation of our assessment, fostering trust and reliability in the estimation process.

Confidential and Symbolic Expression

Reflecting our  commitment to confidentiality, credit estimates are expressed using CSPI Ratings' recognized rating symbols,
rendered in lowercase ('a' and 'bbb'). This symbolic representation underscores the seriousness and confidentiality of the estimated credit rating.

No Ongoing Surveillance Requirement

While credit  estimates do not involve ongoing surveillance, CSPI Ratings may provide periodic reviews and updates,
ensuring the continued relevance and accuracy of the initial estimate.


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