Announcement: CSPI Ratings is awarded the “Public Finance Rating Agency of The Year (2022) - China” by The Asset

27 Feb 2023

27 February 2023, Hong Kong. CSPI Ratings is pleased to announce that we have been awarded with the “Public Finance Rating Agency of The Year (2022) - China” at the Triple A Rating Agency of the Year Awards” is hosted by The Asset, a globally renowned financial publication and media. CSPI Ratings is the only global rating provider with Chinese origin awarded by The Asset. 

The Asset’s Triple A recognition represents the industry’s most prestigious award for banking, finance, treasury, investing and the capital markets. As the multi-media financial publishing group with the widest reach among Asian issuers and global institutional investors active in the region, The Asset takes particular care in producing its annual awards. 

The Asset Triple A Awards is the longest-running awards adjudicated by the same board of editors for the past 23 years and supplemented with client feedback surveys conducted by Asset Benchmark Research, the most authoritative source of feedback survey deploying big data analytics. The awards encompass performance across the community of issuers, investors and intermediaries. The Asset's Triple A Rating Agency of the Year awards highlight the strength of credit rating agencies operating in the region in providing both investors and issuers with fundamental parameters regarding the creditworthiness of corporates, financial institutions and sovereigns.

Based on credit rating methodologies of global level and the independently-built Economic and Fiscal database of China, CSPI Ratings extensively analyzes the public finance credits in the capital market. Up to date, CSPI Ratings carried out global scale ratings on 28 provincial governments of China, as well as multiple global bonds issued, on an unsolicited basis. Furthermore, CSPI Ratings completed over a thousand internal credit estimates on the Chinese local government of various levels. These comprehensive and in-depth analytical efforts made it possible for CSPI Ratings to play a unique and value-adding role in the global capital market. 

CSPI Ratings conducted rating actions on global scale, including but not limited to 18 sectors such as sovereign, local governments, banks, non-bank financial institutions, local government financial vehicles (LGFV), corporates, real-estate enterprises, and airlines. After a continuous development phase of over 10 years, the rating system at CSPI Ratings exerted outstanding global comparability and utility, with the aim of the most extensive recognition on the global level. In addition, more than 6,000 international market participants from all around the world have subscribed to our analytical works. CSPI Ratings also has an experienced analytical team, the core international analytical executives have more than 15 years of market experience in Asia and North America, including investment banking, rating agencies, bond investors and academia. 

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