Credit Assessments

A Credit Assessment from CSPI Ratings represents a comprehensive credit opinion tailored for both internal and external purposes.
This evaluative analysis may manifest in descriptive terms, broad rating categories, specific rating levels,
or as a nuanced view of the relative credit strengths and weaknesses of an obligor, obligation, or proposed financial structure.


Elevating Credit Assessment with Expert Opinions

CSPI Ratings' Credit Assessment offers flexibility in expression, providing a credit opinion in various forms,
including descriptive terms, broad rating categories, or specific rating levels.

Focus on Limited Credit Matters

Tailored to address specific credit matters, a CSPI Ratings Credit Assessment may zoom in on key elements relevant
to the creditworthiness of an entity or financial structure.

Point-in-Time Evaluation

A Credit Assessment by CSPI Ratings offers a snapshot of credit standing at a specific moment,
serving as a valuable reference for decision-making. Unlike a credit rating, a Credit Assessment does not necessitate continuous monitoring.
It is a point-in-time evaluation that stands on its own merit.

While not subject to ongoing surveillance, CSPI Ratings may provide periodic reviews and updates to ensure
the relevance and accuracy of the Credit Assessment over time.

Rating Scale

CSPI Ratings expressing opinions using our recognized rating symbols in lowercase, such as ‘a’ and ‘bbb-to bbb+’.

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