Green Evaluation

Step into the realm of green finance with CSPI Ratings' Green Evaluation—a vibrant and forward-looking assessment that paints a spectrum
of environmental benefits derived from debt instruments. This innovative tool empowers issuers, investors, and market participants
to align their financial choices with internal environmental objectives, adding hues of sustainability to the financial landscape.

Strategic Framework

Our Green Evaluation framework, intricately aligned with the Green Bond Principles,
provides a strategic foundation for evaluating the environmental impact of debt instruments.
It is not merely a credit rating but a dynamic measure of a financial instrument's potential to contribute to a sustainable future.

Colorful Grading System

Envision a world where environmental impact is quantified in colors. CSPI Ratings' Green Evaluation assigns a score out of five,
categorizing instruments into levels from 'Very Strong' to 'Very Weak,' each represented by a distinct color of environmental excellence.

Pre- and Post-Issuance Assessments

CSPI Ratings' Green Evaluations are flexible, catering to both pre- and post-issuance evaluations.
This adaptability ensures that environmental considerations are integral at every stage, fostering a holistic approach to green finance.

Transparent Rating Scale

The Green Evaluation Score, on a scale of 1.5 to 5, unfolds the environmental prowess of debt instruments.
The color-coded scale ranges from 'Very Strong' for instruments with exceptional environmental benefits to 'Very Weak' for those with limited impact.

The Color Spectrum

  • Very Strong (Green Evaluation Score ≥ 4.5):

A vibrant green, symbolizing a very strong ability to deliver outstanding environmental benefits through financing
or refinancing specific assets.

  • Strong (Green Evaluation Score: 3.5 – 4.5):

A robust shade, signifying a strong ability to contribute significant environmental benefits in the financing or refinancing domain.

  • Moderate (Green Evaluation Score: 2.5 – 3.5):

A calming hue, indicating a moderate ability to deliver environmental benefits, contributing to a sustainable financial landscape.

  • Weak (Green Evaluation Score: 1.5 – 2.5):

A cautionary tone, highlighting a weaker ability to deliver environmental benefits, prompting a closer look at sustainability considerations.

  • Very Weak (Green Evaluation Score < 1.5):

A subdued color, representing a very weak ability to contribute to environmental benefits, with specific indicators warranting careful evaluation.

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