Credit Rating Services

In the intricate landscape of global finance, Credit Ratings stand as crucial pillars, providing a systematic and objective evaluation of the creditworthiness of a variety of bond issuers, such as corporations, financial institutions and sovereign entities. A credit rating serves as a reliable indicator, offering insights into the likelihood of timely repayment of financial obligations. This vital assessment is pivotal for various stakeholders, from investors and lenders to businesses and governments, seeking to make informed decisions in a dynamic financial environment.

At CSPI Ratings, we believe in that our Credit Ratings are guiding lights, illuminating the creditworthiness of entities with unparalleled accuracy and global comparability. 

Globally Benchmarked Excellence in Credit Risk Assessment

  • CSPI Ratings relies on well-established and widely-accepted rating criteria and the expertise of experienced credit rating analysts for a meticulous credit assessment. Our Credit Ratings provide accurate and globally benchmarked credit information, offering a clear view of the creditworthiness of a wide variety of issuers and debt instruments.

  • Widely Accepted Standard in Global Capital Markets: CSPI Ratings applies a credit rating standard that’s widely and long accepted in the global capital markets, providing you with a universally acknowledged measure of creditworthiness.

  • Standardization with Local Nuances: CSPI Ratings embraces a global standard while incorporating local insights. We understand that nuances matter, ensuring that our Credit Ratings reflect the specific dynamics of each market, interpreted through the lens of our experienced analysts.

Data Excellence

Backed by extensive databases and financial information, CSPI Ratings ensures access to a wealth of data sources. Our Credit Ratings draw on comprehensive information, including payment histories, debt levels, market trends, and economic indicators, expertly analyzed by our seasoned professionals.

On-going Updates

In the dynamic financial landscape, CSPI Ratings provides ongoing updates to our Credit Ratings to reflect the evolving of creditworthiness over time.

Other Offerings

  • Credit Ratings on a Private Basis.  In addition to public ratings, CSPI Ratings provides Credit Ratings on a private basis. This exclusive service offers a more personalized and confidential assessment to meet specific client needs, crafted by our seasoned analysts.

  • Credit Ratings on a Point-in-Time Basis: Going beyond the conventional, CSPI Ratings introduces point-in-time ratings. This unique offering allows for a snapshot evaluation, providing insights into creditworthiness at specific moments.

  • Credit Ratings on other technical scales: At times, CSPI Ratings may assign credit ratings in technical scale other than the conventional global scale, according to our published Rating Methodologies.

For Business Enquiries

For more information or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us at One of our dedicated representatives will promptly get in touch with you to explore how CSPI Ratings can assist you.