Group Companies

CSCI Pengyuan (formerly known as Pengyuan Credit Rating) was founded in 1993 as one of the earliest agencies to engage in the credit rating business in mainland China.
CSCI Pengyuan is committed to providing investors with independent, objective and fair corporate credit rating, bond and structured financing product rating and corporate governance rating services.
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China Securities Credit Investment (‘CSCI’) is a leading Chinese credit-tech service provider. Since 2016, CSCI has become a strategic substantial shareholder of CSCI Pengyuan bringing in resources and technological expertise. With the investment in Pengyuan International, CSCI brings to the capital market an extensive range of credit solutions such as credit checking, credit rating, credit enhancement, credit risk mitigation, debt restructuring, etc.
CSCI was jointly founded by 35 Chinese financial companies in 2015, including but not limited to PICC Group, CPIC Life, Qianhai Financial Holdings, Guotai Junan Securities, Haitong Securities, etc.
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